Is ViaStone paper alternative biodegradable?

Our paper alternative contains high percentage of calcium carbonate which is an inorganic mineral and do not biodegrade. When exposed to long duration of heat such as in a landfill environment, it will hardened and degraded into very small fragments. In a landfill, the high level presence of acidity will attack and dissolve the calcium carbonate.

How should I dispose of ViaStone paper alternative?

ViaStone paper can be recovered, though the facilities for doing so do not currently exist. The economics of the recovery process, as well as the potential environmental impact, may make the transport of waste ViaStone paper over long distances impractical. Since local recovery is not currently available, ViaStone paper should be disposed of by incineration for energy recovery. If suitable incineration facilities are unavailable, it is safe to dispose in landfill without risk of adverse environmental effects.

In the absence of wood fiber and effort to reduce contaminating conventional paper recovery, ViaStone paper alternative should not be mixed with other waste paper.

The best current available disposal method is incineration as it does not release any harmful or toxic gases and is a fuel source for energy. It is also safe for landfilling since it contains no harmful metals and it does not emit methane gases like pulp paper.

Can I use ViaStone in a laser printer or copier?

No, both laser printers and copiers use heat-fusion technology which will hardened and make the products brittle.

Can I write on ViaStone with pen or pencil?

Yes, the extra smooth surface provides a very nice surface to write, draw, and paint. Additionally, the waterproof and high tear strength features, can safeguard record keeping and artwork.