The innovation of ViaStone paper alternative was not built on the foundation of a mining company nor a petrochemical company. It was built on the cooperation from a group of peers searching to fulfill society's need for more sustainble printing and packaging options. The founders recognized that the rapid pace of urbanization taking place around the world will eventually create a heavier reliance on the world's forests, fresh water sources, and air quality.

It took years of research, trials, and testings to culminate into the products we offer today. ViaStone paper alternative was not a discovery by chance, but with careful considerations and analysis for the environmental impact; for performance and application; and feasibility. Our founders' success was due to their outside-the-box thinking and willingness to reach across different industries for answers.

We believe in our products and the sustainable values it has to offer. The transition to realize the full potential will take time and require the market support. Although our products do not demonstrate all its sustainable qualities immediately, we believe the path to achieve them is feasible and attainable. Having market support will be the catalyst in implementing the necessary infrastructures to harness the products' full potential. We ask the market for its consideration of how our products have achieved reductions of life's main elements, the potential to reuse other sources for raw materials instead of virgin sources, and how our products can be recycled into new products again.