Who We Are

In recognition of the world's calling to sustain today's resources for future generations, we are inspired to deliver a compelling paper alternative into the world's marketplace for paper. Our purpose is not to replace pulp paper; instead, it is to advance a new system of thinking to reduce the reliance on the world's forests and water resources to make paper.

ViaStone paper alternative is produced and licensed by Taiwan Leung Meng. Founded in 1998, Taiwan Leung Meng has spent more than a decade in research and development to realize the products and the technology process existing today.

This mission we have embarked on will require more than our own dedication and commitment. While our products may still be at the beginning of the transition toward sustainability; with support and cooperation from the printing and packaging communities, the corporations, and the investment communities, we can prosper and persevere.

If you believe in our products and the approach we have undertaken, please talk to us and see how you can show your support.